Barton Hills Bars & Restaurants

Ashley's Pub

338 South State, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 | (734) 996-9191

We've been going to Ashley's personally for many years now, both here in the Barton Hills/Ann Arbor area and in Westland, and both locations offer an authentic pub atmosphere with the most amazing selections of both beer and whiskey from all over the world. We highly recommend the world beer tour and world whiskey tour, both of which offer rewards over time! Very cool. Their rotating tap selection offers over 1,000 different beers over the course of the year, so you can always find something you like to drink and never get bored! Ashley's food menu is diverse and includes awesome options including pizzas, burgers, steaks, loaded waffle fries, mac n' cheese, and even steamed Belgian mussels! We also love the fried cheese curds and the poutine, but our favorite dish, though, is the lineman burger.

The Bar at 327 Braun Court

327 Braun Ct, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 | (734) 585-5440

One of our favorites for a good strong tall drink that quenches your thirst and gives you a good buzz at the same time! The Bar at 327 Braun Court is very popular with our Limousine Ann Arbor customers in the Barton Hills area. The craft cocktails that are offered here are in a class of their own, and they have a whole menu of amazing drinks. Try the Easy Does It! That's one of the most amazing ones, but the whiskey punch and Kentucky maid are also an amazing choices. The food served is creative and flavorful, like the hot BBQ chicken with biscuit donuts. The music is excellent here and it really adds to the ambiance. Nothing pretentious here, just pure good drinks, food, music, service, and atmosphere. If you're looking for a new favorite place for brunch, The Bar at 327 Braun is it! We hope you'll get a chance to come here!

Aut Bar

315 Braun Ct, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 | (734) 994-3677

We've recommended Aut Bar so many times over the years to our Barton Hills area Limousine Ann Arbor customers. This is one of the best known gay bars in the area and it's also a very popular brunch spot and late night party spot! Early in the day you'll enjoy their Bourbon Street eggs, Boulder scramble, French toast, or eggs Benedict, and for dinner or lunch try the tamales! For your nights out here, you'll enjoy their beer selection and their wonderfully stocked juke box. Oh, and let's not forget to mention that there's free pool some nights, which we always enjoy! Midday, you just might want to pop next door and see the LGBT bookstore that is owned by the same folks. This is an incredible bar and we hope you'll get time to stop in!

The Last Word

301 W Huron St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 | (734) 585-5691

By far one of the most beautiful bars that Limousine Ann Arbor recommends in Barton Hills and beyond, The Last Word has a very apropos name. This is one that's worthy of the cocktail bar category, with it's amazing vibe and incredible cocktails! The staff is just superb here and we're in love with the live music performed by some great local artists. Some nights they feature the bartender on piano and he's quite amazing. Other nights they have really good DJs. You'll be so happy swaying to the music and sipping your drinks that you'll feel like you've escaped the crazy workday world and started fresh! The food and desserts offered here are as amazing as the drinks - the sliders, the Thai poutine, the tofu buns, the shishito peppers, and the paprika fries are all worth ordering. We know that's a lot of options, but we couldn't narrow it down anymore!

Casey's Tavern

304 Depot, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 | (734) 665-6775

On Depot Street in Ann Arbor, you'll find Casey's Tavern. This is one of our all time favorite bars, offering such a cozy and authentic vibe, we just know that our Limousine Ann Arbor customers in the Barton Hills area will enjoy it just as much as we do. This place is known for having amazing sandwiches, yummy fries, and all your bar favorites but at a higher quality than what's offered at most places. The onion rings are crazy good, and we love the pepper jack burger with jalapeños. They also serve their burgers on onion rolls, and we are obsessed. The fish and chips are a particular favorite of ours and we'd recommend that very highly any day of the week. Another dish they're well known for is their French dip with horseradish. There are awesome happy hour prices here that really help you to save some cash. TVs for sports and great background music too.