Bridgewater Township Bars & Restaurants

Dan's Clinton Tavern

124 W Michigan Ave, Clinton, MI 49236 | (517) 456-4267

One of the very best bars in the Bridgewater Township area according to Limousine Ann Arbor customers is Dan's Clinton Tavern. They are well known for their amazing burgers including a super hot sriracha burger that will almost burn those tastebuds right off! We love it. The Philly cheese steak stuffed peppers are one of our top choices on the menu too! They have noteworthy service, even when they are super busy on those weekend nights. Music lovers will enjoy both the juke box and karaoke, and sports lovers will be very happy with the number of TVs here. Find this one at 124 W Michigan Ave, Clinton, MI 49236 and call 'em up at phone number (517) 456-4267.

Frank's Place

104 E Main St, Manchester, MI 48158 | (734) 428-8003

By far one of the best spots to grab some yummy pizza when you're with Limousine Ann Arbor out here in the Bridgewater Township area, Frank's Place is a real winner on every count. They have awesome staff that's so friendly and thoughtful, and they really serve up some of the greatest food ever. The Sicilian cheesy bread is one of our personal musts, and we absolutely love their veggie pizzas piled high with fresh toppings including fresh basil and jalapeño peppers. We can't say enough about how high quality everything is here! No alcohol though. Locate this one at 104 E Main St, Manchester, MI 48158 and reach them for more info at phone number (734) 428-8003.

Bridgewater Bank Tavern

8452 Boettner Rd, Bridgewater, MI 48115 | (734) 429-5875

Limousine Ann Arbor has been known to recommend restaurants and bars that are located in old historical buildings because it just adds something special to your already special evening! This one, Bridgewater Bank Tavern, is of course located in an old bank building, and we just love it. It's fun to ask the bartenders about the history of the place while you're there tooo. You'll enjoy the burgers and traditional bar fare here, and we think you'll be quite impressed with the beer selection as well. Definitely one of our top choices on our list of recommendations. Located at 8452 Boettner Rd, Bridgewater, MI 48115 and you can reach them at phone number (734) 429-5875.

The Clinton Inn

104 W Michigan Ave, Clinton, MI 49236 | (517) 456-4151

You don't have to be staying at The Clinton Inn in the Bridgewater Township area to enjoy the restaurant and bar that's a part of it! We're huge fans of their fish fry and that's a great reason to make the trek on a Friday, but we'd also highly recommend their Sunday brunch which is very affordable and really delicious. Whether you're there for one of those special days, a holiday, or just an everyday run of the mill weekday or weekend evening, you will enjoy your meal and the fantastic service that you receive there. Lots of room for Limousine Ann Arbor groups and it's comfy and casual too. Easily visited at 104 W Michigan Ave, Clinton, MI 49236 and easily reachable at phone number (517) 456-4151.

Mangiamo Italian Grill

107 W Michigan Ave, Saline, MI 48176 | (734) 429-0060

Mangiamo Italian Grill offers up two different sides for your enjoyment, the restaurant side and the bar side. The bar side is very popular with our Limousine Ann Arbor customers in the Bridgewater Township area and we think you will really enjoy it too. It's so fun to mingle with the locals while you sip delicious beers and cocktails. If you're there to dine, you'll go crazy over their baked lasagna and their amazing supreme pizzas. You'll be so impressed with the quality of everything here. From start to finish, it's pure perfection. You can visit them at 107 W Michigan Ave, Saline, MI 48176 and you can talk to them at phone number (734) 429-0060.