Lima Township Bars & Restaurants

Common Grill

112 South Main, Chelsea, MI 48118 | 734-475-0470

A Lima Township top recommendation is Common Grill, a bit pricey but well worth it, located right on the main strip of town for the ultimate in convenience! The food is of the highest quality around. They've got seafood dishes that will absolutely drive you wild, including crab cakes, fish tacos, and lobster spring rolls! The brunch options are just amazing, including blueberry buttermilk pancakes, challah french toast, and even shrimp and lobster omelets. You and your limousine group will certainly enjoy yourselves here. Find this favorite of ours at 112 S Main St, Chelsea, MI 48118 or by phone at (734) 475-0470.

Terry B's

7954 Ann Arbor Street, Dexter, MI 48130 | 734-426-3727

Terry B's is another one of the more upscale choices in the Lima Township area that Limousine Ann Arbor would recommend very highly to you. We're particularly big fans of this one for the holidays throughout the year, but any day will do, because what they have to offer is of the highest quality every single day. The whitefish with risotto is one of our favorite things on the menu and we've also been known to dive into a bowl or two of their corn and seafood chowder every chance we get! The outdoor seating is superb and the live music is perfection! Find Terry B's at 7954 Ann Arbor St, Dexter, MI 48130 and dial them up at (734) 426-3727 for reservations.

Chelsea Alehouse Brewery

420 North Main, Chelsea, MI 48118 | 734-433-5500

For a more casual and relaxed vibe, just a pure pub/brewery type of feel, check out Chelsea Alehouse Brewery right here in the Lima Township area. They've got some really sensational brewskis for you to try here, including a white ale that we cannot resist, a porter that is just too good to believe, and an IPA that has the best flavor of all. You order up at the bar and they give you a number to put on the table. You'll love hanging out with your buddies, throwing some darts, and just chilling all night long. This one's super easy to find in Chelsea at 420 North Main Street and if you're like to order carry out then 734-433-5500 is the number!

Cleary's Pub

113 South Main, Chelsea, MI 48118 | 734-475-1922

Cleary's Pub is a really great casual spot in the Lima Township area that has an absolutely enormous menu of favorites for you to indulge in while you chill with your friends. The Guinness burgers are one of our personal favorites and we always love to pair their deliciously hot and fresh sweet potato fries for a nice combo of savory and sweet! Ask for the BBQ sauce for the sweet potato fries! The Michigan beers on tap are a nice touch and something that everybody will surely enjoy. Great lunch specials throughout the week too. Best nights are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Find this fun spot at 113 South Main Street over in Chelsea, MI or you can call them at 734-475-1922.

Stivers Restaurant

11 South Fletcher Road, Chelsea, MI 48118 | 734-475-3610

Stivers is a pure roadhouse style bar that everybody in the Lima Township area just adores! The cheap prices are one of the main reasons that this one is a must-visit for our Limousine Ann Arbor customers, but the fact that everything is so darn good despite the low prices just makes it even more so! The Friday night perch and prime rib makes that a great time to come in and their karaoke nights are also an ideal time to stop in and sing a few bars. Did we mention that they've got great desserts too? Dig into the goodness that is Stivers Restaurant at 11 South Fletch Road in nearby Chelsea and call them any time during business hours by dialing 734-475-3610.