Lyndon Township Bars & Restaurants

Common Grill

112 S Main St, Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 475-0470

Dozens of our bar hopping customers have fallen in love with Common Grill here in the Lyndon Township area. They mention the amazing egg dishes, pristine soups, yummy Asian spring rolls, and seafood pastas, too! They can't stop talking about delicious everything is. Although it's a little bit pricey, we can vouch for the fact that you'll get every bit you pay for. The generously portioned food and the incredible drinks make this worth every penny! We've always been big fans of ahi tuna, and theirs is definitely up to par with some of the area's best 5 star restaurants. If you wanta sweet treat, their French toast is outstanding - we love it topped with bananas! There's a full bar too, and though it's upscale and classy, it's also loud and fun. Find this uncommon gem at 112 South Main in Chelsea, MI 48118 and reach them with a quick question at telephone number (734) 475-0470.

Chelsea Alehouse Brewery

420 N Main St, Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 433-5500

This is both one of the newest places to open up in the Lyndon Township area and also one of the very best places for a large limousine group to plan an event or get together. In the short time CAB has been open, it has earned a reputation as one of the best night out destinations. Limousine Ann Arbor peeps just love how casual it is here. You literally just walk up to the bar to place your order and they'll hand you a number that you place on the table so the servers know where to bring the food and drinks! If you're not sure what to order, some pretty great options to stand by are the soft pretzels, artichoke dip, or the maple bacon brownie! More than just good food, CAB offers a good time! Playing darts is a blast here but the real entertainment as far as we're concerned is just trying all their delicious craft brews. Located conveniently at 420 North Main over in Chelsea, MI 48118 and easily reachable by telephone at (734) 433-5500.

Cleary's Pub

113 S Main St, Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 475-1922

One of the coolest places in the entire area! Cleary's is a laid back place that has a unique year-round summertime vibe! You can stop in and enjoy a cool getaway on a hot day, or imagine warmer times during those cold Michigan winters. We love the convenient location right on the town's Main Street and we think that the friendly service that we've received here is something special worth mentioning. They've got great food; it's typical bar fare but it's of the finest quality, and good strong drinks that are never watered down or overpriced! You'll be able to feed and water your whole limousine group here without having to break the bank! The corned beef deli sandwich is a home cooked wonder, and their Guinness burger is something you have just got to try! If you like pizza, Cleary's has some of the best pizza in town! Chill with your buddies at the unforgettable Cleary's Pub at 113 South Main Street over in nearby Chelsea, and you can quickly get more info by calling them at (734) 475-1922.

Dam Site Inn - CLOSED

4045 Patterson Lake Rd, Hell, MI 48169 | (734) 878-9300

This place used to be one of the tackier Hell area destinations, with the flame decor and all, but they have recently redone things and come under completely new management and it's now a very cool bar that you will do well to stop in to during your Limousine Ann Arbor trip in the Lyndon Township area! They've got great bar food here and they're more than happy to accommodate special requests too. The pizza is our favorite thing and we love the icy cold beer. The biker bar vibe is unique around here and every small town needs a good one! It's definitely a dive, but it's still a great choice for any group looking to have a fun time. Find this Hell area favorite at 4045 Patterson Lake Rd, Hell, MI 48169 and call them up at phone number (734) 878-9300.

Inverness Inn

13996 N Territorial Rd, Gregory, MI 48137 | (734) 475-1515

One of the most popular spots to visit in the Lyndon Township area is Inverness Inn, and Limousine Ann Arbor customers just go crazy over everything that they have to offer here! A lot of it is standard bar fare, and classic Coney Island food, but it's all so good! Some of the best ones include mac and cheese, chicken tenders, wings, Coney dogs, 1/3 pound burgers, chicken quesadillas, and jumbo soft tacos with beef or chicken! We could go on and on! They also have wonderful personal pizzas! For dessert, the strawberry shortcake is by far our favorite option! There's a full bar here and TVs all around for sports, too! Good food, good drinks, good fun; the Inverness Inn is one of the best! You can find this very special place at 13996 N Territorial Rd, Gregory, MI 48137 and you can call them for additional information at phone number (734) 475-1515.