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Winners lovers enjoy the experience of a journey that allows them to travel around Michigan wineries. Wine tours are not a simple way to drink; they are a complete experience full of memories. Enjoy wine tasting selection of wineries and the fresh air on the ride with the most comfortable transportation and services! We have a large deal of experience in handling tours. Prepare yourself for a wine trail in luxury vehicles driven by experts in the area. With our buses, you can relax and get to know the local wineries that traditionally make wine. You can try the brewery fees! The locals made a large variety of beer with a unique Michigan flavor. Come to the best places to prove wine and beer! Our company can put you in contact with a wine couch, who will guide you on your ride and provide you with useful tips. Our top-notch vehicles can give you the most reliable journey around Michigan. Come to Michigan and travel to point A, to B. Go to Lemon Creek Winery. A historical vineyard where the vineyard owners have extensive grape and fruit-growing knowledge. There's a lot to see in Michigan. Get an unforgettable experience at the crown point of the state!


Wine tasting is an experience that only some people can enjoy and make the most of. Wine tours are perfect for those who love and want complete knowledge of Michigan wine. Try the tasting fees at the most experienced wineries. A designated driver can take you to the vineyards in Michigan. Come to Round Barn Winery, a distillery and brewery, or the Tabor Hill Winery and Restaurant! An excellent place for having fun and an enjoyable moment. Go to many areas, such as New Buffalo, for the perfect tour of the most beautiful and delicious vineyards.

If you are a tasting fee lover, you will love a wine tour that allows you to try all the Michigan wineries and vineyards. In Michigan, there are more than 140 wineries for you to taste the wine directly from hard work and knowledgeable people about wine. The singular glacial soils impart a unique flavor to the wine and make an excellent experience for the most discerning palate. This experience can be unique in deluxe transportation, allowing you to relax and travel around Michigan.

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On the other hand, you can make grain tours, which lets you know where cocoa and wheat are grown. There are my tour guides of grain farmers! They will give you tips to have all the knowledge possible. You can have a great time with our rental buses. Whether you travel with a small group or a large one, we can handle your trip.


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Wine tastings are an incredible experience for those who love wine. We suggest you go with a tour guide team. They know the entire state perfectly and can recommend helpful tips for extracting the best sensation of the grape's flavor. A vino coach can be another option for a private tour with professional attendance.

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Call us today, and we will give you a free quote for our services and vehicles as the Party Bus Michigan. We are a reliable company with years of expertise and know the city perfectly. Make your reservation, and we will provide you with the perfect rental bus that writes to you. Contact our hard-work service team; They will provide you with all the information about our vehicles and services for you can have the perfect bachelor party. Ask for our customizable plans and the offers we can give you. Trust in our reliable company! We have a lot of market experience and can provide you with comfortable vehicles. Come with us to New Buffalo or surroundig areas near to Michigan!